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Selander's office accepts that insurance and has been overly patient in dealing with the company and its delays. I have been totally satisfied with Dr. Selander and his staff. He is painless, and also agrees to not use injections if I ask him not too because the drilling is not expected to hit a nerve. Over the years I have had an old filling fall out (not his work), and a temporary crown fall off. In each case I stopped by the office on the off chance he had a cancellation, and he saw me right away.

I had an abcess, I called on a Saturday morning, and he had me come to the office (on his day off) to see me and write a prescription for antibiotics. I feel truly pampered and cannot imagine a more responsive medical professional. I have metal partial dentures on top and bottom, with many of my permanent teeth missing and replaced by teeth on the dentures.. A tooth had to be pulled, and Selander had a talented technician create an additional tooth on the metal denture, mounted in a cantilever configuration that I found amazing.

Without hesitation, I recommend this dentist.


We were renting a house near Port Angeles for a vacation. I developed an abcessed tooth. I called Dr. Selander's office and they quickly made an emergency appointment. The first visit they assessed the situation and started me on antibiotics. The next day I was still having problems and I opted for an extraction.

They again quickly made an emergency appointment.. The next day after the procedure they followed up with a phone call and then another office visit to make certain everything was ok before we returned home.

Everyone was very friendly and compassionate and competent.

We greatly appreciated the help they gave a Washington state tourist.

Lois and Tom Valliere

Thank you for such great and kind service. Office staff is exceptional and efficient in getting me in when I was in pain.

Susan C.

Always on the mark with the financial side but never insensitive to the patient's financial realities. They listen to my jokes and best of all, they laugh.

Shirley S.

Well worth all five stars.

Evan E.

You all were great!

Sarah D.

Dr. Selander is very caring and makes sure you are okay throughout any procedures. All of the other staff are always smiling and kind.

Erin B.

Thank you for the friendliness & professionalism of all staff!

Ramon M.

Everyone in this office is very friendly and helpful. The work I have had done has been gentle and well done. I always dreaded the dentist in the past and now every visit is a positive experience.

Marianne D.

Excellent service and product was excellent.

Robert N.

Dr. Selander is a wonderful dentist and the staff is friendly, helpful and professional.

Lynn M.

No nonsense ... loved it! Dentist was efficient and office staff was very pleasant. Am pleased with the results.

Virginia T.

Dr. Selander and his staff are always friendly and professional. This was the first time we had Natalie for our cleanings and she did a great job. Hope we can have her again.

Ron & Janet M.

Courteous, friendly staff, short wait time, talented, calming, dentist and PAINLESS! Thank you all! You made a frightening experience a relief.

Sam N.

Everything was perfect.

Alex Q.

My dental health is the best it has ever been. I've been seeing Dr. Selander for 8 years and highly recommend him.

John D.

Dr. Selander and his staff are the very best of the best. And I am an expert! Seeing dentists since I was a child - and am now a very senior citizen!

Patricia E.

Dr. Selander and his staff came into their office before their sheduled hours to help my daughter when she had a painful tooth. They are caring and compassionate with their patients.

Mary C.

Everyone is personable and very attentive tro the needs and comforts of the patient. Very much appreciated.

Liz J.

I cannot think of a single thing to improve the excellent service of Dr. Selander and staff. That includes sheduling, billing and handling of insurance, courtesy, comfort, and painless dental work.

Dennis T.

Wonderful staff and great service! Nice work!

Amy P.

Great dentist and staff with comfortable setting, very nice and friendly. Dr. Selander is a very good dentist and makes dental care a good experience.

Jeanne M.